Host School

In the Ecuadorian Andes, located in the city of Cuenca, the  Unidad Educativa Santana is located. For the last  37 years, Santana has placed his pedagogical intention in creating an education that opens spaces to diversity, singularity and multiple languages.
Beneath the Cabogana mountain, Santana’s Children City, have been experimenting with common worlds pedagogies since 2017, expanding exclusively human, cultural or social frameworks, and recognizing the place as a living and generative space, understanding children’s relationships with place as mutually formative.
During the COVID-19 Pandemic, the early child education level, felt the urgent need to identify creative and place-specific responses, to support ways of living that are transformative and contribute to the creation of new worlds. Thus, taking seriously the children’s proposal to be able to encounter each other; and relating to the difficulties that the virus presents, the Itinerant School Project is set in motion.

Through a collective dialogue, along with the support of 60 families, the school travels to the gardens of 10 homes located in different neighborhoods of the city, and 20 educators take the opportunity presented by the pandemic to experience a different school.

Visit the projects page on the school’s website.