Design & Art

On the garden pages, you may find a character for Anticipation Point. Clicking on it will reveal an image associated with speculative drawings, a proposition for a process that could have been followed, or an event that may have occurred but had not (for more details on this concept see the introduction to the Gardens)

Anticipation Point is a speculative character developed by artist Mia Cinelli, who proposes that new letterforms like this one — inspired by facial expressions, hand gestures, and metaphors— could supplement our existing typefaces, attempting to make the rich complexities of verbal (and nonverbal) conversation visible.

Website design and animations have been created by Tatiana Zakharova-Goodman.

Speculative drawings featured on the site are by Teresa Humphrey, Valeria Leon and Tatiana Zakharova-Goodman.

Tatiana, MLA, is pursuing a PhD at the Faculty of Education at Western University under the supervision of Dr. Pacini-Ketchabaw. She is also a designer at Earthscape Play, where she focuses on playground concept development and research. Academically, Tatiana thinks at the intersection of pedagogy and landscape architecture, as she works to re-imagine relationship-attuned play as worlding and play/grounding as potentialities. Her research theorizes children’s outdoor spaces as contentious, uneven, and always political.
Teresa Humphrey is a first year PhD student at York University’s Faculty of Education. She enters into this new role carrying​ experiences as a kindergarten teacher, where the school yard was a situated site for collective rethinking, and where what is valued as learning was called into question. Her pedagogical work grapples with what else might matter when otherwise possibilities of engaging are valued, and what else might be possible if other points of view, including attunements with the more-than-human, are included. Teresa has developed a practice of regular visits to the watershed area where she lives, intentionally stepping into a space that most pass by. Through photography and drawing, she has begun to follow real or imagined stories of life beyond settler colonial rural-nature-narratives, to imagine histories, presences, and futures overlooked.  
Valeria León is an artist from Cuenca dedicated to illustration and relational art. She uses arts and research as means for development in communities, creating ecological supports for artistic purposes, using recycled, in situ and organic material. Thus creating new dialogues with art.